Z Glue Slot Gun1
Z Glue Slot Gun2
Z Glue Slot Gun3
Z Glue Slot Gun4
Z Glue Slot GunBlank Shim / Shim with Pattern5
Z Glue Slot Gun6
Z Glue Slot GunZ Glue Slot Die7
Z Glue Slot GunZ Glue Slot Die - 100 and 150mm8
Z Glue Slot GunAvailable in a Multiline9

Z Glue Slot Gun

Electro-pneumatic coating gun for medium/high viscosity glues, adhesives and fluids with solenoid valve, micrometric adjustment and drive with double action piston.


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Intermittent Ribbon Coating1


Z Glue Slot Gun

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Product Details:

Available coating widths 0.63” – 1.18” – 1.97”  (16 – 30 – 50 mm)
Coating head widths 0.87” – 1.57” – 2.36”  (22 – 40 – 60 mm)
Air pressure control minimum 73 psi / 5 bar
Drive type: double action
Maximum fluid pressure 80 bar
Coil 24 volt
Weight 1.15 lbs  (520 g)