Removable Fugitive Glue and Adhesives

Glue Machinery Corporation™ has a huge selection of adhesives available, including removable fugitive glue used for credit cards. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us via 1-888-202-2468 or the contact form below to discuss your specific needs.

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GTA8000 Fugitive Removable Hot Melt

A hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive designed as a general purpose removable.


GIA1075 – Hot Melt Fugitive Adhesive

Fugitive removable hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. It offers low viscosity for easy extrusion and compression. It is used for mailers, inserts and tipping. It is formulated to provide minimal staining on most types of paper substrates.


GBA1015 – Hot Melt Removable Adhesive

Premium “Low Stain” Credit Card/Tipping/Removable hot melt adhesive. An elastomeric hot melt with low peel values that is used as a "release type" adhesive. Peelable. Medium relative aggressiveness compared to other fugitive adhesives.