Cold Gun Nozzles

*All nozzles are sold separately.*

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ezGluer™ Basic Bead Nozzle

Heavy Duty Single Orifice Nozzle Tip (Comes standard with ezGluer™ Basic)


ezGluer™ Edge Nozzle

Adjustable nozzle for manually coating the edge of substrates with accuracy.


ezGluer™ Glue Brush

Brush nozzle attaches to in-line hand gun or pistol for continuous gluing.


ezGluer™ Glue Spreader Nozzle

Low Cost method of manually coating water based adhesive to flat substrate. (Non-moving cylinder extrudes adhesive at multiple points and acts as spreading tool for adhesive).


ezGluer™ Dowel Nozzle

Durable nozzle for precise adhesive application in dowel holes.


ezGluer™ Groove Nozzle

Applies adhesive to inside edge of grooves. Fast and precise.


ezGluer™ Tenon Nozzle

Nozzle for precise adhesive application into the mortise. Sizes customized to customer requirements.


ezGluer™ Glue Roller Nozzle

Very fast method of spreading adhesive onto flat substrates. Extrude adhesive directly onto roller and spreads adhesive onto flat substrates with the motion of the roller.


ezSpreader™ – ezGluer™ Quick-Fill Option

Combines the capabilities of the ezGluer™ system with the ezSpreader™ manual roller. Increases adhesive application speed and reduces downtime spent refilling the ezSpreader™.


ezGluer™ Roller Spatula Nozzle Attachment

Roller nozzle allows for precise adhesive coatings.

*All nozzles are sold seperately.*