PUR Hot Melt Machinery

PUR hot melt machinery is used to melt and apply polyurethane moisture curing reactive hot melt – Not standard bulk hot melt adhesives

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Champ™ PUR Tool

Low cost industrial handgun used to extrude polyurethane reactive/moisture curing hot melt adhesive (PUR).

2 Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun

Champ™ PUR Cartridge Bead Gun

Industrial grade polyurethane extrusion gun with preset temperature controller.


Champ™ PUR LCD – Cartridge Hot Melt Bead Gun

Industrial grade polyurethane extrusion gun with LCD display.


Champ™ PUR-S LCD – Cartridge Spray Gun

Industrial Grade Polyurethane hot melt spray and extrusion gun.

5 Cartridge Preheater

Hot Melt Cartridge Preheater

Dual cartridge capacity for preheating PUR adhesive cartridges.


EconoPUR™ Basic Adhesive Supply Unit

Industrial PUR Hot Melt Tank with pump and temperature controls for one hose and gun.


EconoMelt™ Hot Melt Pail Unloader

This high quality hot melt pail unloader machinery melts and pumps hot melt adhesive through high pressure flexible heated hoses to manual and automatic guns for the precise application of the hot melt.