Hot Melt Roll Coaters

Manufacturers love our hot melt roll coaters because they allow for faster production speeds, accurate application, repeatable results, and better overall product quality. Built to last, each unit we sell is designed to exceed performance expectations while standing up to even the most grueling working environments. Our products are also user-friendly and low maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your production line.

We offer an extensive selection of open-wheel and nip-driven models to meet your every need. Browse our complete collection of coating machines below:

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What Sets Our Hot Melt Roll Coaters Apart

Less Downtime, More Output

Keep your production line up and running longer by using our hot melt roll coaters. The last thing your team wants to deal with while assembling goods is to have your production line shut down because of poorly performing equipment. Glue Machinery Corporation's machinery offers manufacturers unparalleled durability and consistent results - all with minimal downtime needed for servicing.

Diverse Applications

Our hot melt roll coating machines get used across a variety of industries, including insulation construction, furniture making, packaging, and more.

Find the Right Fit, Fast

Use our free Glue Diligence program to find the right hot melt roll coater fast. Our experts will analyze your business' unique needs to determine which applicator is best suited for your requirements. This four-step process provides you with guidance so you can get the right equipment or adhesive every time with no guesswork and no frustration.

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