Hot Melt Systems

Hot Melt Glue Systems for a Range of Applications

Glue Machinery Corporation manufactures and stocks an extensive line of hot melt glue systems used for a wide variety of applications by manufacturers across all industries. From product assembly to packaging and so much more, our hot melt systems are put to the test every day by organizations such as NASA, Toyota, 3M, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and many more. With quality equipment built to withstand the daily rigors of your manufacturing environment, more than 50 years of experience and a commitment to delivering remarkable customer service every time, it’s no wonder Glue Machinery Corporation is the name trusted by manufacturing companies worldwide.

Our hot melt packages and systems include:

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Handgun Packages

Bulk Handgun Packages are designed with increased production and efficiency in mind. The speed, dexterity and convenience of a bulk handgun combined with a fill-tank or bulk tank allow for increased melt rates and less down time while applicating adhesive.

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Standard Hot Melt Systems

Our 'Standard Hot Melt Systems' are turn-key systems designed for customer ease. Ordering a Hot Melt System ensures that you will have all of the necessary components that comprise your system, and that these components will function together as intended.

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Application Specific Systems

Our Application Specific Systems are systems that have been designed to meet the needs of a particular customer or process. Glue Machinery Corporation™ can customize any system to meet your needs, or build a system per your specifications and requirements. Contact us (1-888-202-2468) for additional details or browse our previous application specific systems.

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Experience You Can Depend On

For more than 50 years, manufacturing companies across the world have turned to Glue Machinery Corporation for top of the line hot melt glue systems and equipment. With more than half a century of experience, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about the diverse needs of manufacturers from different industries. Our expertise can be a valuable asset for manufacturing companies looking to get set up with their own hot melt systems. Put our knowledge to work for your business!

Quality Above Reproach

All of our hot melt packages and systems are crafted exclusively at our Baltimore, Md., manufacturing facility. With assembly areas, the Glue Diligence testing lab, a parts and adhesive warehouse, service center and customer service center, we make sure that every product that goes out of our doors exceeds the performance expectations of even the choosiest customers. Simply put, if it has our name on it, you can be confident that it will get the job done right.

Top Value on the Best Hot Melt Products

Not only does Glue Machinery Corporation manufacture the best adhesive machinery in the world, but we also offer competitive price points on all of our products to give our customers the best bang for their buck. This is an important investment in your company’s manufacturing operations. Make sure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Helping our customers achieve their manufacturing goals is one of our chief purposes as a company. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure every customer has its needs fully met. From answering your questions to offering expert advice and suggestions, we do everything we can to set you up for success. An example of this is our unique Glue Diligence service — a technical service exclusively offered at Glue Machinery Corporation where we assess your needs and offer customized recommendations for the right adhesive methods for your exact manufacturing process.

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