Application Specific Systems

Our Application Specific Systems have been designed to meet the needs of a particular customer or process. Not seeing what you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage of your production process. We can offer skilled and experienced guidance or starting from basics and “inventing” a solution specific to your needs. Glue Machinery Corporation™ offers a wide range of systems and packages to fit any manufacturing or assembly needs you may have.

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1 Paper Tube Making Equipment - Shot Pot™ Timer 2 Hot Melt Glue System with Dual Sensors

Triangular Mailing Tube Production Equipment

Hot Melt Systems to produce triangular mailing tubes from scored blanks.


Bias Weighting Package for Golf Club Drive Customization

Hot Melt Glue System for the Bias Weighting of Golf Drivers with metered shots of PSA hot melt


CD/DVD/Digipak Semi-Automatic Carton Sleeve Fulfillment

Fulfillment system that allows for the precise application of hot melt to carton sleeves

4 Cushion Seam Sealing

Cushion Seam Sealing

Industrial Hot Melt Application and Adhesive System used to seal/waterproof cushions and seats.

5 Filter End Cap Gluing

Filter End Cap Gluing

End Cap Gluing with Hot Coat™ Plus.

6 Folder Gluer with Hot Melt (Carton/Package Gluing)

Folder Gluer with Hot Melt (Carton/Package Gluing)

Folding carton machine with high speed hot melt system.

7 Hot Melt Wire & Cable Coating System

Hot Melt Wire & Cable Coating System

Complete hot melt die coating system to apply a consistent layer of thermoplastic resin to teh outside of wire and cable.

8 Hotmeltturf Gluer - Mobil Artifical Grass / Synthetic Turf Hot Melt Gluing System

Hotmeltturf Gluer – Mobil Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf Hot Melt Gluing System

Complete mobile hot melt application system for the gluing of seams, lettering and hash marks with hot melt adhesive.


Intermittent Spine Glue System

High Speed Press Pasting Adhesive System to cycle adhesive, will retrofit to most presses.

10 Label Pick Up Glue System

Label Pick Up Glue System

Automatic non-contact hot melt dots application system retrofit package to high speed wrap around labeling systems currently using open pots and contact wheels.

11 Champ™ Sump 128

Overmolding / Low Pressure Molding with hot melt adhesive

Equipment used for small scale mold filling applications.

12 Mold Filling with Thermoplastics and Polyamide Hot Melt

Mortise and Tenon Gluing PUR Hot Melt System

Customizable system for PUR hot melt mortise and tenon gluing.


Perfect Binder Side/Hinge Gluer

Automatic hot melt bead extrusion package for side glue patterns on perfect bound books.


Plastic Pallet Gluer Assembly System with Scuffer

Custom build plastic pallet gluer assembly system produces two complete pallets per minute.


Super Spot – Bag Bottom Hot Melt System

High speed hot melt retrofit package for bag machinery.


SWF Case Erector Retrofit

Hot melt system upgrade - Improve production and package quality. Reduce maintenance and adhesive usage.


Tray Filling & Conveying System – Non-Contact Multiline Extrusion

High speed hot melt tray filling and conveying line.


theBridge® Topside Hot Melt Swirl/Extrusion Laminator

Complete coating system to apply hot melt and other adhesives to the top of web or sheet fed material.