Used / Demonstrator Machines

Glue Machinery Corporation is currently offering the following selection of used and/or demonstrator machines at reduced costs.


Current Hot Melt Machinery Offerings:

Champ™ 10S adjustable $850.00

Champ™ 10s Product Page

Champ™ 10s Adjustable $899.50

Champ™ 10s Product Page

20’ Conveyor with 24” wide belt, variable speed, no bracketry $4500.00

Glue Conveyor Production Line Product Page 

EconoMelt™ 10 Hot melt Handgun Spray System $2517.00 

EconoMelt™ 10 Spray System Product Page 

EconoMelt™ 20-4 Demo Unit $2500.00

EconoMelt™ 20-4 Product Page

Hot Coat Plus 12 $2463.00

Hot Coat™ Plus 12 Product Page

Hot Coat Plus 31 $4512.00

Hot Coat™ Plus 31 Product Page


2 PUR Slug Hot Melt Machines $3500.00 each





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