Industrial Adhesives

Hot Melts and Cold Glues for Various Manufacturing Applications

When you need high-quality industrial adhesives at competitive prices, trust Glue Machinery Corporation to have the right products for your application. With a wide range of affordable industrial hot melt and cold glues, we have an extensive product line for bonding a wide range of substrates. From water-based adhesives to polyolefins, EVAs, polyurethanes, and so much more, we're confident we have the right product for your needs.

Special Note: We accept both small orders (adhesive by the pound) and large orders (glue by the pallet).

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 50+ Years of Industrial Adhesive Expertise

Manufacturers around the world depend on Glue Machinery Corporation for the finest quality industrial adhesive products. Since our founding more than 50 years ago, we've worked with manufacturers, both small and large, from a wide range of industries. With clients that include 3M, NASA, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Sherwin-Williams, and so many others, we're among the most trusted names in the adhesives industry. Our experience, expertise, and service set us apart and serve our customers as best as possible. Get started with our free Glue Diligence program, which will help you find the right industrial adhesive in four easy steps.

Adhesives For A Variety Of Industries

Whether you need a water-based adhesive for your woodworking application or are looking for a hot melt fugitive glue for an upcoming direct mail campaign, you can count on us to have the industrial glue you need. Over the years, we've supplied adhesives and adhesive equipment to a variety of industries, including:

Industrial Adhesives for a Variety of Needs

The substrates and the bond you want to achieve will impact the type of adhesive you choose for your application. However, cost, clean-up, the open and set time, and other factors will affect your adhesive decision-making process. For example:

  • Water-based adhesives offer the most effortless clean-up of any industrial adhesives, needing little more than warm or hot water to clean equipment. However, if you're bonding, unlike substrates or substrates that require a short open time, you will want to choose another adhesive.
  • EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) hot melt adhesives are popular and can be counted on to keep a solid bond even in extreme temperature settings. Yet EVA may require more adhesive than using PUR hot melt in the same application, so it may end up being more costly if you aren't careful.
  • PUR or polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives draw moisture from the environment and the substrates to form a stronger bond than other hot melts and water-based glues. It's worth noting, though, that these polyurethane adhesives stay on the substrates rather than soaking into them, leaving a bond line that may be seen as aesthetically unappealing and may even affect the final packaging or product.

Get Expert Help for Free

If you're seeking an industrial adhesive solution and unable to find it on our website, please call us today at 1-888-202-2468. Alternatively, our team would be happy to work with you on identifying the right glue via our free Glue Diligence program.

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