Pros and Cons of PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

PUR hot melt adhesives, also known as Polyurethane hot melt, are typically used in hot glue guns or bulk dispensing machinery. As a hot melt, it’s quick-dispensing and a popular choice in manufacturing industries across the globe. Since it’s relatively cost-effective, it’s an affordable way to ensure strong bonds between numerous types of materials and a reliable adhesive. PUR hot melt is commonly used in automobile manufacturing, woodworking, doors, windows, floors, and an even broader range of applications. If you’re considering incorporating PUR hot melt adhesives into your manufacturing process, here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons.

Pros of PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating PUR hot melt adhesives into your manufacturing process is that it’s capable of adhering to numerous substrates and textiles. While traditional hot melt bonds can form an almost waxy bond, PUR hot melt is unique in its cooling process. While cooling, PUR hot melt adhesives undergo a chemical reaction that strengthens the bond to form a highly-binding adhesive. In many cases, it’s considered a stronger bond than traditional hot melt and can replace pricier structural adhesives.

Cons of PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

Despite the advantages of using PUR hot melt, it has one primary drawback to consider. As previously mentioned, PUR hot melt undergoes a chemical reaction during the cooling process due to moisture exposure. Unfortunately, this same reaction can also negatively affect PUR hot melt adhesives if they’re stored improperly, and they typically have a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly. Therefore, for companies considering PUR hot melt adhesives, you’ll need to ensure that they’re stored in airtight containers. 

The Glue Diligence® Difference 

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PUR hot melt


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