Right Angle Hot Melt Nozzles

Right angle nozzles for the application of hot melt are a standard in all packaging industries. These nozzles attach to a module or valve and are for the redirection of the adhesive as the nozzle has the ability to swirl 360 degrees.

This swivel capability allows customers to move the adhesive pattern rather than readjusting the position of the gun. This is especially important in slow speed case sealing operations where the customer needs to apply hot melt to a variety of package sizes. A simple nozzle adjustment allows for pattern repositioning.

Typically, these nozzles are used by manufacturers of the packaging lines because they allow for easy repositioning of patterns and one applicator is less expensive than multi-module guns.

Right angle nozzles otherwise called 90 degree nozzles or “S” tips are not as precise as the standard straight nozzles used on hot melt guns. The right angle nozzles dramatically lengthen the distance between the adhesive shut off point in the module and the adhesive exit point on the tip. This results in less precise pattern accuracy and some potential “stringing” from the tip on shut off.

For slow speed hot melt applications requiring hot melt pattern repositioning from one multi module gun – use the Right Angle Nozzle Tips. For precise dots or beads at high speed and the elimination of hot melt “stringing” – use the straight orifice nozzles.

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