Should Your Company Use Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives?

Deciding which type of adhesives your company should be using in bulk manufacturing processes doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you’ve got Glue Machinery Corporation on your side. There are many pros to incorporating bulk hot melt adhesives into your company’s production line, whether you’re producing product packaging, food packaging, shoes, or part of another industry that relies on hot melt’s durable adhesive qualities. Adding bulk hot melt adhesives into your long-term production plan can help your business save extraneous expenses on ordering hot melt month-after-month, increase output with more hot melt on sight, and ensure efficiency in your production lines. If you’re still considering whether you should order hot melt in bulk, we can help you weigh the pros of it for your company. 

What Are Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives?

When it comes to the world of hot melt adhesives, ordering in bulk can save you a lot of time and money for your manufacturing processes. If you’ve consistently found yourself running out of hot melt adhesives and scrambling to make your next purchase, you’ll want to start establishing a route to a more efficient production line. This is particularly true for companies that find themselves with an increasing amount of orders and ramped up productions each month. By ordering hot melt adhesives in bulk, you can ensure that you have enough hot melt on hand when production ramps up so that you don’t have to worry about not meeting your deliverables. 

Benefits of Ordering in Bulk

The Glue Machinery Corporation carries bulk permanent hot melt adhesives at great prices. When our clients need hot melt for mass production, they choose our bulk hot melt adhesives for reliability and affordability. One of the biggest perks to ordering bulk hot melt adhesives is that they can typically be purchased at a lower price point since they undergo fewer manufacturing processes. That means that you can get the most value out of your packaging processes without having to sacrifice quality when you’re manufacturing. 

Different Types of Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives Available

The Glue Machinery Corporation carries a wide range of different types of bulk hot melt adhesives so that you can pick the level of bond that your production line needs. Our varieties include fast-setting hot melt, low temp packaging hot melt, permanent EVA, permanent grade packaging hot melt, cap liner adhesives, and more. This means that your company can find bulk hot melt adhesives for every type of application you need. 


At Glue Machinery Corporation, we do the Glue Diligence® so that you don’t have to. If you’re looking into different types of hot melt adhesives for your manufacturing industry and you aren’t sure which glue would work best, we can help. With our Glue Diligence®, we can find the right adhesive, machinery, and equipment for your specific application and production needs so that your company can get the most bang for your buck. 


The Glue Machinery Corporation is dedicated to supplying the highest quality industrial bulk hot melt. At the Glue Machinery, you can find the right application, adhesives, and equipment for all your manufacturing needs. There’s a reason why leading companies around the world come to the Glue Machinery Corporation for all their manufacturing needs. Come find out why! Contact us today.


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