Silencer System® Glue Gun vs. Champ® 3 Industrial Hot Melt Gun

Champ™ 3 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

The Champ 3 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun paired with a Hosel Nozzle and the Silencer System® are both used to melt and apply pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives for the “bias weighting” of golf clubs.

While both of these glue guns serve the same purpose, they could not be more different in their capabilities.

Below are some of the Champ 3 hot melt glue gun’s benefits and advantages:

Cost-Effective: The Champ 3 processes bulk, low-cost pressure sensitive hot melt costing about $5.75 per lb. that is readily available from many sources. The Silencer glue gun, on the other hand, only operates with $18.00 1.75 ounce cartridges that come from a single source. Bulk glue is 1⁄9 the price of the Silencer System® cartridge glue.

Consistent Performance: With the Champ 3, accurate quantities, or “gram weight,” can be easily extruded with a smooth 4.1 gram trigger actuation of totally molten adhesive. You can practice gram weight size by cycling glue onto a Teflon pan, letting it cool and putting it back in the gun. Smooth flow and practice are not possible with the plastic caulk type plunger found in a cartridge adhesive.

Built to Last: The Champ 3 is constructed as an industrial tool with 200 watts of power and can handle 24/7 operation. The Silencer, however, has only 100 watts and has a limited lifespan.


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