Spool Assembly with Hot Melt Adhesives

For many years a wide range of fastening methods have been used to attach cores to sidewalls to create spools. These methods include nails, staples and adhesive for wood and paper substrate bonding. Typically these methods of assembly are very labor intensive.

With the attachment of paper tube cores to wood or paper side walls – hot melt has proven to be a fast efficient method of assembly. Manual and automatic extrusion systems appear to be the standard as large, precise bead profiles can be applied that offer great strength. This manual method of application is slow and wasteful and the automatic method of application with X-Y table, robotics or “Lazy Susan” jig can be costly.



Where possible, and especially with paper wound tube cores with some wall thickness, the fastest and most efficient method of assembly with hot melt is with a hot melt roll coater. The core can simply be positioned over the heated hot melt wheel with a precise and consistent coating being applied to the entire core surface.

Using medium to long open time hot melt is recommended when coating with a hot melt roll coater as precise thin coatings on the core do not hold heat as well as beads.

Cores coated this way offer better laminations and better holding strength.

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