Spray Adhesive Basics

What You Need and When You Need It

A photograph of spray adhesive being applied with a gun nozzle.

Sometimes you have to make things stick the nontraditional way by using an adhesive spray for your project needs. Spray adhesives, or glue, are, as the name implies, able to stick objects together in the form of a spray or aerosol. Spray adhesives come in many options, are easy to use, and are often less messy than other glue forms. They are also highly versatile and excellent to use for a wide range of applications. This article will discuss everything you need to know about spray adhesives, including what you need and when you need them.

How they Work

Spray adhesives work by dispensing the adhesive (glue) from a pressurized container in the form of a mist, thus creating an evenly distributed coat between the surfaces you are bonding. Most adhesive sprays will dry clear, and excess liquid will not run the way painted on glue might. Spray adhesives can bond various surfaces, including paper, metal, plastic, insulation, foam, acrylic, glass, wood, fabric, and more. Depending on your project, you will need to determine the type of adhesive to use. There are many products on the market, each with particular properties and formulations. For example, some may be solvent-based, whereas others may be water-based, or the tacking time may be longer or shorter, allowing for the repositioning of objects. Regardless of the situation, spray adhesives are an excellent solution to get things to stick without the mess, but some conditions are better than others. 


What you Need

To use spray adhesives, you must be in a well-ventilated space. Additionally, we recommend using face protection such as a mask or goggles to prevent any of the aerosols from being inhaled or accidentally ingested. As always, read the label and instructions for any specific safety precautions. Once you are safe, you will want to protect any surfaces or items within the application area. Lay newspapers down or other forms of protection to ensure your property is safe. Make sure to shake the can before applying and follow any additional instructions from the manufacturer.


When you Need them

Spray adhesive can be used on everything from a craft project to outdoor bonding of construction materials. There are spray adhesives designed for specific materials or applications, each with its own product formula. With that, the first factors to consider when considering spray adhesive are the degree of adhesion you will need and the types of materials you will be using. For example, if you are looking to bond carpeting to a floor, you may need a heavy-duty adhesive, whereas if you are looking to bond foam to cardboard, you will likely need a multipurpose spray. Regardless of your project or needs, there are spray adhesives for every need. To learn more or to talk with one of our experts, call us today at (410) 761-2727.



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