Use Lower Cost Hot Melt!

During the last downturn in the US economy, we were invited to speak at a major hot melt supplier annual sales meeting. We discussed the use of lower cost hot melt adhesives as a cost saving measure for their customers. This was a viable alternative as a result of the “Melt on Demand” technology we provide.

Lower cost adhesives typically have more limited “pot life” than those of higher cost and quality. The “pot life” is the amount of time it takes for hot melt to start degrading when held at application temperature in a melt tank. These “Melt on Demand” hot melt tanks can process these lower cost adhesives because they melt and condition hot melt adhesive at lower temperatures than all other tanks.

The “Melt on Demand” tanks are tall and narrow with a high power melt grid in the bottom. They are specifically designed to melt hot melt as needed, rather than heating the entire tank of hot melt to application temperature. The “Melt on Demand” tank creates a graduated viscosity of the adhesive and it insures that the adhesive is used in a first in – first out order. Other tanks mix the adhesive, presenting an opportunity for the adhesive to exceed its “pot life”. In the standard 20 pound “Melt on Demand” tank, there is a temperature differential of 50 to 100 degrees F between the melt grid on the bottom of the tank and the top of the tank.

In addition to saving cost on adhesive,these “Melt on Demand” tanks help to reduce downtime due to system maintenance, while lowering the need for disposable spare parts, such as nozzles and filters. Finally, “Melt on Demand” tanks can dramatically reduce or eliminate the fuming of hot melt and decrease operator exposure to molten hot melt, providing a safer work place.

In today’s economy we are all looking for effective cost saving measures.The “Melt on Demand” technology provided by Glue Machinery is one way to have an immediate positive impact on your process as well as your bottom line.

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