“Peel and Stick” or “Peel and Seal” Adhesive Solutions

Many of us have experienced the ease of removing release liner to expose an adhesive surface and closing a shipping package. This “Peel and Stick” or “Peel and Seal” method of attaching substrates to one another, or to themselves, is an increasingly popular packaging application because of the convenience, effectiveness, and end product. Some examples include stamp booklets, mailer bags, and envelopes.

The downside to this revolutionary process has typically been the cost. The practice required applying an adhesive to both sides of a film, and then required the film to be laminated to a release liner – envision manufacturing a piece of double-sided tape that then needs to be attached to a release liner. Glue Machinery Corporation has developed a simplified alternative that can drastically reduce costs.

The procedure is a one-step process where a release liner is coated directly with a thermoplastic hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive offers excellent shear and bond strength, at a fraction of the cost of conventional adhesive material. Additionally, only half of the amount of adhesive material is required to achieve similar results.

Glue Machinery Corporation has developed several product lines to facilitate the production of “Peel and Stick” or “Peel and Seal” products. The equipment is easily retrofitted to all manufacturing lines for the precise placement of pressure sensitive hot melt. The process can occur on the product prior to release liner attachment, or it can be applied directly to the release liner.

Glue Machinery Corporation’s product lines for “Peel and Stick” or “Peel and Seal” include:

Glue Machinery has also developed pressure-sensitive “tacky” hot melt adhesive for our customers’ specific needs. Please see GIA1045 as an example adhesive for “Peel and Stick” or “Peel and Seal” applications.


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