Hot Melt Glue Machinery

Industrial Hot Melt Applicators and Components for a Range of Uses

Glue Machinery Corporation manufactures, sells, and services an extensive line of hot melt glue machinery and accessories for various manufacturing applications. Our industrial hot melt glue equipment is used by companies worldwide for packaging, construction, electronics, and automotive assembly. Each piece improves product quality with precise glue patterns, increases production times with an accelerated gluing capability, and decreases costs thanks to the use of low-cost, bulk hot melt adhesive. Unsure of what the right hot melt solution is for your particular needs? Get your free Glue Diligence, and our team of hot melt experts will help get you one in four easy steps.

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What Sets Our Hot Melt Machinery Apart

Less Downtime, More Output

Keep your production line up and running longer by using our hot melt equipment. The last thing your team wants to deal with while assembling goods is to have your production line shutdown because of malfunctioning equipment. Glue Machinery Corporation's industrial hot melt handguns, roll coaters, benchtop units, and other applicators offer manufacturers unparalleled durability and consistent results - all with minimal downtime needed for servicing.

Diverse Applications

Our hot melt machinery and adhesives get used across a variety of industries, including construction, electronics assembly, packaging, and furniture manufacturing. Despite their differences, each of these verticals trusts Glue Machinery's products to meet their needs when it comes to adhesive solutions that stick.

Easy to Identify the Right Fit, Fast

Using our free Glue Diligence program manufacturers are able to find the right hot melt equipment quickly. This program involves our experts analyzing a business' unique needs to determine which adhesive and application method is best suited for their requirements. This four-step process provides them with guidance so they can get the right equipment or adhesive every time with no guesswork and no frustration.

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