Industrial Strength Adhesive Machines & Adhesive Equipment

Glue Machinery Corporation™ builds and stocks over 400 top quality, industrial strength adhesive machines used for an array of purposes by manufacturers from all industries. Our extensive selection of industrial adhesive equipment, unmatched customer service and product knowledge has made Glue Machinery Corporation™ the preferred provider of industrial hot melt machinery and cold gluing equipment to manufacturing companies worldwide.

Huge Selection of Adhesive Machines & Adhesive Equipment

We offer a complete line of high quality, user-friendly adhesive machines and equipment used in a range of applications from product assembly to packaging and so much more. Our extensive product line includes:

Hot Melt Machinery

Get precise, quality results with our low maintenance hot melt machinery. Our hot melt machinery product line includes handguns, benchtop hands-free systems, rollcoaters, and automatic bulk systems.

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We offer a range of hot melt adhesives and cold glues to fulfill the diverse needs of manufacturing companies from all industries.

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Cold Glue Equipment

Apply water-based adhesives with total precision using our cold glue equipment. We offer handguns, rollcoaters, bulk automatic application systems, pressure vessels, pumps, and pattern controllers.

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The Ultimate Customer Experience

When it comes to customer service, nobody beats Glue Machinery Corporation™. Not only do we offer the best adhesive machines and adhesive equipment, but we also provide excellent customer support. Glue Diligence™ is a special technical service we offer where we will closely assess your needs and make expert recommendations for the right adhesive and application method for your manufacturing process. It’s our mission to help you choose the right equipment to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

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Consignment/Used Operational Equipment – Call or email us for adhesive systems available.