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When companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, and NASA need help finding the right adhesive and equipment, they turn to Glue Machinery Corporation. Our exclusive Glue Diligence® service is a technical service where our experts analyze your needs and provide personalized recommendations for the right adhesive and application method for your specific manufacturing process.

No other company offers the level of personal service we provide with Glue Diligence®. Hundreds of manufacturers have been able to cut through the misinformation and get the expert help they need to choose the correct adhesive, adhesive patterns, and application machinery to produce their products and packaging at the highest quality and the best possible price.


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Remember, we do all of this at no cost to you. It’s part of our commitment to simplifying the process of choosing adhesives and finding the right application method for your manufacturing or packaging process.

In some cases, we may suggest that additional Glue Diligence® testing be performed in your manufacturing plant with your team. This helps to ensure the correct equipment and application method for your particular facility are chosen, while providing your team with the hands-on training needed to guarantee smooth adoption and long-term success.

The best part about Glue Diligence®? It eliminates the guesswork of choosing adhesives and equipment. With our extensive testing, you can see exactly how your adhesives, equipment and application method will work for your manufacturing needs before you buy anything. No more guesswork and no risks! It’s the smart, safe, and easy way to buy adhesive equipment!


“It is not every day you call the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that you use in your business to ask for technical help and the actual OWNER of the company answers the phone! That kind of personalized service carries a lot of weight with me. Literally within minutes, Pierce was able to help talk us through a solution that to this day is still working and working very well.”


“Faced with an adhesion issue impacting our work, we searched for a solution and found Glue Machinery Corporation. Their customer care and recommendations made it an easy choice to purchase equipment and adhesives from them.”


“My business was in a tough spot, looking for an entirely new way to perform our gluing process on our product that we manufacture.  I reached out to Glue Machinery, and they were super helpful not only in going over my process, but getting samples done and simulating my process in their shop.  We worked from concept to finished samples within weeks, and I bought the machine knowing that it was going to work 100%!  My process is faster and more economical than ever now, and my product glued more professionally and strongly, thanks to Glue Machinery.  A great company with great people, producing an excellent adhesive solution."