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The staff at Glue Machinery Corporation periodically releases articles covering new products, unique product uses, and product demonstrations with pictures and videos.

50 Years and Going Strong!

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Over 50 Years ago – hot melt adhesives were introduced to the packaging industry.

Hot Melts revolutionized the packaging industry by allowing for the rapid closure and sealing of containers. Packaging companies using case erectors and sealers, as well as cartoning machinery, quickly embraced hot melt adhesives because of the obvious production benefits.

Hot Melt adhesives used in packaging are essentially low temperature plastics that set quickly with the loss of temperature. Most packaging hot melts bond well to paper based substrates used in packaging such as corrugated.

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Anatomy of an Automatic Hot Melt System Used in Packaging

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hotmelt-systemconfigWhat does the typical automatic hot melt system used in packaging consist of?

Easy; one hot melt tank, one or more flexible heated hosesautomatic hot melt guns, nozzles, solenoids and pattern controls.

To determining the  correct configuration of the hot melt packaging systems you must first answer the following questions:

    1. What patterns are required to seal your package?
  1. How much hot melt will you use per hour?
  2. How far will the tank be positioned from the applicators?
  3. How fast will the packaging line run?
  4. What hot melt will you use.

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Hot Melt and Cold Glue for Wine Bottle Labeling and Box Packaging

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Glue Machinery Corporation has become an important supplier to wineries in the USA in the last few years with basic hot melt application machinery for packaging, hot wax/melt application machinery for the sealing of wine bottles and finally a range of cold glue labeling machines to label wine bottles.

Case erecting and sealing is done with hot melt equipment.  In most winery packaging applications simple handguns such as the Champ Stick 400™, Champ 3™ and EconoMelt 10™ with multi orifice nozzles are used to apply bulk low cost fast setting hot melts to case flaps with precision.  Some wineries have found the ErgoErector™ of value to quickly square and erect boxes with hot melt.

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