Avoid Staining with Fugitive Glue

Removable hot melt adhesive, also called peelable hot melt or “Fugitive” adhesive offers temporary bonding between a range of substrates.

This product is used the majority of the time to temporarily attach paper to paper and plastics to paper. Great care must be taken in the application of this product to ensure that the paper substrates are not stained with oily residue from the adhesive.

It is important to determine in advance if this problem can occur as many jobs in printing and mailing are refused or aesthetically defective at a later date due to the oils from the adhesive migrating through paper.

With most glossy or coated paper stock staining will not occur provided the correct adhesive is used and it is applied at the correct temperature. Some removable hot melts contain higher concentrations of oils than others and must be evaluated in advance of use.

The application temperature of the hot melt is also critical. If a removable hot melt is applied too hot – the oils can be driven from the adhesive into the paper. Also, if the hot melt is melted and held at a higher than recommended temperature the adhesive can be adversely affected.

While staining of the paper substrates with removable hot melt may not affect the quality of the bonds or be of any issue – some customers see this aesthetic imperfection as unacceptable.





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