Brick Veneer Gluing with Hot Melt

Bonding brick veneer to scrim or mesh backing is considered by most manufacturers to be a slow process.  Brick veneer is typically placed in position on a table, wiped of dust or dirt, the scrim/mesh pulled over the veneer and water based adhesives brushed through the scrim.  This adhesive must dry in place to offer ample holding power and can take from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

To accelerate this assembly process consider using long open time, low cost hot melt adhesive with bulk, high output hot melt guns. Apply large dots or lines on onto the scrim/mesh and flatten the adhesive to a thickness slightly greater than the scrim/mesh. The adhesive will bond within minutes.

Typical application temperatures are 350° F. The adhesive volume per standard brick is less than 1/4 of one ounce. Depending on the quantity and price of the adhesive the price hot melt price per brick can be as low as 2 cents.

The bulk systems used to apply this hot melt must apply the hot melt quickly. These systems start at $408.00 for the most basic gun. High volume or automatic systems can cost substantially more.


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