How to Prevent Hot Melt Adhesive “Stringing”

Updated April 4, 2019

What is Adhesive “Stringing?”

If you’ve been working with hot melt adhesives for a while, you’ve likely encountered “stringing” at some point. This common problem occurs during manufacturing processes when a portion of the adhesive material is left behind on an applicator’s nozzle and gets pulled down the line. The causes behind this issue can vary but include applicator temperatures, adhesive viscosity, and excessive air flow from fans and HVAC systems.

But what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future and potentially impacting your production?

Fortunately, resolving adhesive stringing can be done with a few easy-to-implement changes to your hot melt application process and production facility.

Below is an infographic summarizing the causes of adhesive stringing and how to prevent it, perfect for hanging up in the lab.

How to Prevent Hot Melt Stringing


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