Cold Glue Bead / Dot Gun

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Product Info:

Low cost cold glue bead or dot gun for the extrusion of low to medium viscosity water based adhesives.

Product Details:

  • 10 Millisecond cycle time.
  • Sealed nozzle tip.
  • Operates with fluid pressures to 500 psi.
  • Multimodule configurations available.
  • .008, .012, .016, .020 nozzle sizes available.

Wide range of nozzles, pumps, and pattern controllers available.
Sold as System: Cold Glue Extrusion Laminator
Description: Non-Contact Multi Nozzle Glue Applicator.
Details: Industrial sealed tip gluing system to apply beads of water based adhesive.
(Shown as system in photo, above).

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

Cold Glue Bead/Dot Gun Product Manual is available Call 1-888-202-2468

Compatible With:

Water based PVA adhesives available from Glue Machinery Corporation™


Product Videos:

Demonstration Video - Cold Glue Bead / Dot Gun