Cold Glue Spot Gluing System1
Cold Glue Spot Gluing System2
Cold Glue Spot Gluing System3

Cold Glue Spot Gluing System

The system will extrude perfect dots, dashes, or lines of low viscosity water-based glue on individual substrates passing by photosensor and gun at a constant speed (i.e. bottles, cartons, sheets, compacts …..)


Product Details:

Glue Machinery Corporation spot gluing systems are precise, simple, and durable. Easily apply glue patterns exactly where they are needed.  System installation programming takes 1-2 hours. This equipment easily operates in 24/7 packaging environments with minimal maintenance. System Consists Of:

  • Z Glue Squirt Gun with solenoid and nozzle
  • Fluid and Air Lines
  • Timer with Photo Sensor and Cables
  • Adjustable Bracket for gun
  • Pressure Vessel or Pump


Cold Glue Spot Gluing System

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