Cold Glue Spot Gluing System1
Cold Glue Spot Gluing System2
Cold Glue Spot Gluing System3

Compatible With:

Medium to low viscosity water-based cold glues.

Cold Glue Spot Gluing System

The system will extrude perfect dots, dashes, or lines of low viscosity water-based glue on individual substrates passing by photosensor and gun at a constant speed (i.e. bottles, cartons, sheets, compacts …..)


Product Details:

Glue Machinery Corporation spot gluing systems are precise, simple, and durable. Easily apply glue patterns exactly where they are needed.  System installation programming takes 1-2 hours. This equipment easily operates in 24/7 packaging environments with minimal maintenance. System Consists Of:

  • Z Glue Squirt Gun with solenoid and nozzle
  • Fluid and Air Lines
  • Timer with Photo Sensor and Cables
  • Adjustable Bracket for gun
  • Pressure Vessel or Pump


Cold Glue Spot Gluing System

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