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DM55 Hot Melt Drum Unloader2
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DM55 Hot Melt Drum Unloader

DM55 Hot Melt Drum Unloader melts and pumps hot melt from 55 gallon drums with speed and accuracy. This is truly a “Melt On Demand” machine melting only the hot melt that is needed for the application. It has precision temperature controls and variable speed gear pump or high output piston pump.


Product Details:

Melt Rate (non-reactive platen)* up to 250 kg/hr (600 lbs/hr)*
Piston Pump Compression Rato 15:1 Piston Pump, Pressure Balanced
Gear Pump Specifications 8.5/30/45 cc/rev**
Platen Watts 35kW
Hose Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Head Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Pump Heater 1.2kW
Auxiliary Output 2.4kW each (2 max)
Voltage 240 VAC 3PH + PE (Delta), 480 VAC (Delta), 400 VAC 3PH + N + PE (WYE)
Height 184cm (72.4in)
Height Platen Extended 286.2cm (112.7in)
Depth 91.6cm (36in)
Width 153.3cm (60.4in)
Weight (empty) 771kg (1,700lbs)
Optional Accessories
Smooth finned platen for reactive adhesives
Tandem capabilities
Digital pressure transducer
Continuous platen position sensor
Platen guards, vent hood and pallet spacers


DM55 Hot Melt Drum Unloader

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