DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS81
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS162
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS 8 & DS 163
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS Temperature Control Panel4
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsAir Piston Pump Control5
DS Simplicity Hot Melt Units2 hose gun electrical plug expandable to 4 and 66
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsHose outlet Manifold w/ Filter and Pressure relief valve7
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS8 Melt Grid8
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS16 Melt Grid9
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsOptional Nitrogen Blanketing10
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS8 Hopper Opening dimensions11
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsDS16 hopper opening dimensions12
DS Simplicity Hot Melt UnitsShipping crate for DS Units13

DS Simplicity Hot Melt Units

The DS 4, 8, 16 Hot Melt Units are simple, industrial hot melt tanks with constant pressure piston pumps, precision controls, and thorough glue filtration.


Product Details:

  • All Metal Construction
  • Easy-to-operate temperature controls
  • Machine eliminates charring adn reduces maintenance
  • 4kg, 8kg, 16kg tank sizes = 9, 18, 35lb capacity
  • Low-level sensor
  • Pre-filter gauges cue filter change or clogged nozzles
  • Auto feed capable
  • Can accommodate up to 6 hoses and guns
  • Available pre-melt grid for increased melt rate
  • 400 VAC or 480 VAC w/o neutral transformers
Technical Data:
System 4kg 8kg 16kg/15kg Dual Piston Pump
Hopper Capacity 4kg (9lbs) 8kg (18lbs) 16kg (35lbs)
Operating Temp. 10°C to 232°C (50°F to 450°F)
Melt Rate* 25 lbs/hr 25 lbs/hr 50 lbs/hr
w/ Optional Grid n/a n/a 90 lbs/hr
Piston Pump Rate 4/8/16kg = 0.91 kg/min (2 lbs/mins) 16kg DPP = 1.81 kg/min (4lbs/min)
Piston Pump Comp. 12 : 1
Hose/Head Output Zones 2, 4, 6
Max. Working Hydraulic Pressure 68 bar (1000psi)
Temp. Control Stability +/- 1°C (1°F)
Supply Voltage Setup 230 VAC Single Ph, 240 VAC 3Ph Δ, 230/400 VAC #Ph + N + PE, 400/480 VAC, 3Ph&Delta
Working Viscosity 500 to 50,000 csp
Height 454.5 mm (17.89 in) 541.5 mm (21.32 in) 510.6 mm (20.10 in)
Depth 339 mm (13.34 in) 339 mm (13.34 in) 431.2 mm (16.97 in)
Width 619.5 mm (29.39 in) 619.5 mm (29.39 in) 712.9 mm (28.07 in)
*Dependent on adhesive type


DS Simplicity Hot Melt Units

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