EconoMelt™ 10 with Lid open
EconoChamp™ Extrusion Gun
EconoMelt™ with Econochamp Boom, Balancer and Hammock
EconoChamp™ Swirl Handgun
Bead Nozzles + Slot Dies
Multi Module Guns
Three thermostatically controlled temperature zones.
EconoMelt™ Shipping Crate (Stand not included)
EconoMelt™ Tank, hose, gun, nozzle solenoid
Top Fixed Orifice
Top Adjustable
Bottom Adjustable
Case Erecting

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Case Gluing Atomization

Compatible With:

All standard hot melt adhesives. (Quality Bulk Adhesives available from Glue Machinery Corporation™)

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

 EconoMelt™ 10 Manual - 120 VAC Product Manual

EconoMelt™ 10 Industrial Hot Melt Tank

Simple, low cost industrial hot melt tank with 10 lb capacity tank, high flow piston pump ability to operate one hose and handgun or one hose and automatic gun.


Product Details:

  • 10 lb tank capacity.
  • 7 to 15 lb / hour melting rate depending on system voltage and adheisve.
  • Air powered piston pump.
  • Max viscosity: 12,000 CPS
  • Max Operation Temp: 220ºC/428ºF
  • Dimensions: 16.93" x 13.39" x 28.74"
  • 10 lbs per hour in 120 VAC and 15 lbs per hour in 240 VAC
  • Operates with one 6 or 8’ hose in 120 “VAC and one 6, 8 or 12’ hose in 240 V
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC= 16.6 amp/1ph/50-60Hz. 240VAC=8.33 amp/1ph/50-60Hz.
  • Also available as a Swirl Spray System
  • Maximum pump air consumption at 60PSI 1.4 SCFM (30 pump cycles per minute).


EconoMelt™ 10 Industrial Hot Melt Tank

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