EconoMelt™ BenchShot Hot Melt Machine

High Performance Foot switch activated bench-top hot melt machine with large melt tank, piston pump, PID temperature control , high speed gun with nozzle and solenoid to apply precise, repeatable hot melt patterns to components moved under the nozzle.


Product Details:

  • Complete "Turn-key" bench top hot melt extrusion system.
  • Foot switch with cable to unit to actuate adhesive flow.
  • <li<10 lb. hot melt tank capacity. Teflon lined.
  • 10 lb. per hour melt rate depending on adhesive.
  • Adjustable temperature controller for tank and gun.
  • Pneumatically adjustable adhesive flow with piston pump.
  • High Speed valve/module for excellent adhesive shut off with no stringing.
  • Adjustable timer available as option from pre-measured adhesive patterns.
  • One single orifice .016 nozzle with system. Other sizes available.
  • Will operate with dual orifice nozzles.
  • Typical adhesive viscosities range between 500 and 20000 cps.
  • Typical hot melt use with system are EVA's, APAO's, Polyamides, pressure sensitive and fugitive hot melts.
  • Power requirements are 120VAC or 240VAC, 1200W
  • Compressed air required: 30-90 psi
  • Six month warranty against defective workmanship
  • Method of shipping is by truck in large wooden crate.
  • Requires some assembly
  • Machine can be automated

  • The EconoMelt Bench Shot™ will increase production speeds dramatically over the manual application of hot melt with hot melt handguns. Both hands are free to move the component requiring precise hot melt dots or lines.


    EconoMelt™ Bench Shot™ Hot Melt Machine

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