Wide Fiber Spray Gun1

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Wide range of hot melt adhesives

Wide Fiber Spray Gun


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Product Details:

  • Continuous application of adhesives including: PSA, APAO, and Reactive Hot melts.
  • Quickly change pattern width(s) by adjusting the distance between head position and the substrate.
  • Single nozzle permits a range of pattern widths up to 12".
  • Consistent coat weight application eliminates ridges and valleys common when using swirl applicators.
  • Random fiber patterns use less adhesive than spiral spray and maintain or improve bond strength.
  • Minimizes clean-up and reduces downtime.
Wide Fiber Spray Gun Specifications </tr
Application Width per nozzle Up to 305 mm (12 in) *varies depending on distance from substrate
Temperature Range 40° C - 200° C (100° F - 400° F)
Adhesive Viscosity Lab Test Required
Warm-up Time 15 minutes (cold start)
Typical Application Air Pressure 0.8 -1.5 bar (12 -22 psi)
Typical Air Flow per nozzle 2,500 n/h (1.5 SCFM)
Wattage-Manifold, Air Heater 450W, 600W
Height (H) 261 mm (10.28in)
Depth (D) 146.3 mm (5.76 in)
Width (W) 50 mm (1.97in)
Adjustment> 50 mm - 200 mm (1.97 to 7.8in)


Wide Fiber Spray Gun

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