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Z Electric Glue Gun

Electromagnetic Glue Gun for the extrusion of high speed glue dots and lines of low to medium viscosity water based glues. Full stainless steel gun, zero cavity long nozzle (LV), needle with ceramic ball. The micrometric adjustment allows a fine control of the dot and line size.


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Z Electric Glue Gun

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Product Details:

    • Available Nozzle Diameters:0.01 to 0.07” (0.3 to 1.8 mm)
  • Gun Body:Stainless steel</
  • Maximum Fluid Viscosity:2500 mPas
  • Maximum Fluid Pressure:25 bar
  • Maximum Working Frequency:350 dots/second
  • Coils:6, 12 or 24 volt
  • Weight:11.64 ounces (330 gr)