Z Glue Pump Dimensions

Z Glue Diaphragm Pump / Variable Volume

Z Glue Double Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump 1:1 ratio equipped with dip tube with filter and check valve, 1:1 automatic stainless steel pressure regulator, proportional valve for automatic control of fluid flow and stainless steel filter/pulsation dampener.

Product Details:

Pump Ratio: 1:1
Line Air Supply: max 6 bar
Air Inlet Connection: 1/4" NPT
Maximum Fluid Viscosity: ~1000 mPa s
Proportional Valve Signal: 0.2 mA
Working Pressure: from 1 to 6 bar
Fluid Outlet Connection: 3/8" NPT
Weight (tare): 23.2lbs / 10.5 kg
Pail Capacity: 7.4 gal / 28 liters


Z Glue Diaphragm Pump / Variable Volume

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