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ZK Glue Squirt Gun

Non-Contact/ Medium Cycle Speed/ Medium Viscosity/ High Pressure


Product Details:

  ZK Glue Squirt Valve is precise and very long lasting. Available with range of nozzles to include .012, .016, .020, .024, .028, .031, .035, .043, .047”, .05, .055 and .059” orifice nozzle tips Easily apply thicker glues  at higher pressures exactly where they are needed with one or more guns. System is available with multiple guns, solenoid lines, fluid manifolds, 1,2 and 5 gallon pressure vessels as well as diaphragm pumps and piston pumps. Timers and Variable Speed Pattern controls are available to meter glue from one gun or from many guns automatically Systems Consists Of:
  • Compact Design: Small Package for mounting adaptability and ease of installation.
  • Sealed Tip: Sealed tip design eliminates the possibility of adhesive drying and plugging
  • Electro-Pneumatic Actuation: An electric signal triggers a pneumatically piloted spool valve which shifts and opens the adhesives outlet.
  • Diaphragm Seal: Unique diaphragm seal between fluid and air sections; no wetted seals to wear out, leak, adjust, or jam.
  • Serviceability: "Breakaway" disassembly - all internal parts are quickly accessible for ease of field maintenance.
  • Adjustable: Fully adjustable fluid volume. Fluid adjustment may be locked at set position.
  • Durable: Metal parts are plated brass or anodized aluminum; stainless steel needle and fluid nozzle for long life.
  • Voltage Selection: 24VDC and 115 VAC are standard. 12 VDC available upon request.


ZK Glue Squirt Gun

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