PUR Hot Melt / Polyurethane Reactive Moisture Curing Urethane For Fast Product Assembly

PUR Hot Melt is an incredibly valuable adhesive for product assembly applications. This hot melt cures and cross links to a very strong, chemical resistant adhesive with high and low temperature flexibility. It is now used for aerospace, automotive, construction, woodworking, plastics packaging and product assembly applications where fast permanent bonding and assembly are required.

This specialized hot melt is only available in cartridge, slug, pail and drum form and must be processed by PUR cartridge gun, specially designed reservoir, pail or drum unloader.

You can review the PUR 50 in operation by watching the following video:

This system processes 2 kilo slugs of PUR and can operate with handguns and automatic guns. It has a special tank lid and dry air purge system with alarm that insures that the adhesive in the reservoir is not exposed to moisture in the air. Another important feature is its variable speed pump which allows for precise line tracking and coat weights at variable speeds.


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