An Industrial Glue Gun: A General Contractor’s Best Friend

Every general contractor’s tool kit includes a hammer, saw, drill, tape measure, pliers and screwdriver. Another versatile tool to have around at all times: an industrial glue gun. Hot melt glue provides fast-setting bonds to hold the material in place prior to additional fasteners such as staples, nails, glue, caulks, mastics and grouts. Hot melt glue bonds to a wide variety of surfaces commonly seen on a construction site.

Here are several examples:

  1. Carpeting installation: Setting tack strips and carpet back bonding
  2. Wood flooring: Substrate and engineered hardwood floating floor installation, as well as a solid hardwood floor tacking
  3. Prefab wall assembly
  4. Baseboard installation
  5. Interior staircase and handrail assembly
  6. Setting upper crown moldings prior to nailing
  7. Kitchen cabinet applications such as tacking and setting upper cabinets prior to securing with fasteners
  8. General cabinet construction and assembly
  9. Hardware placement on cabinetry, window frames, etc.
  10. Setting level markers prior to leveling uneven floors with quick float
  11. Mirror frame (wood) construction for bathrooms: Use a wood-type hot melt glue stick for bonding 45-degree corners and attaching backer board
  12. Glass shelving installation
  13. Drawer bottom bonding
  14. Vanity-back assembly
  15. Ceramic tile installation where a thin setting is not required
  16. Tacking hardy backer board prior to fastening to the subfloor and/or wood framing
  17. Copper plumbing installation. Hot melt works extremely well as an anti-knocking barrier when running a pipe through framing studs
  18. Fabric and furniture repair
  19. Knot-filling and general wood repair
  20. Miscellaneous repair work such as filling gaps in air vent ducting and filling window frame gaps
Champ™ Stick 400 /Champ™ Stick yellow glue stick
Champ™ Stick 400 Champ™ Stick yellow glue stick

A great tool for these jobs is the Champ™ Stick 400 glue gun. Ready to operate in 10 minutes, it produces a smooth flow of adhesive with minimal trigger pressure and has a high-tech nozzle that prevents “stringing” and dripping. The Champ™ Stick is an industrial gun designed for heavy-duty use and can withstand the scrapes and drops that always occur on the job site.


On the construction site, safety is always a primary concern for general contractors. Hot melt glues are, of course, hot — so operators should take care when applying glue to any surface. We always recommend wearing safety glasses, protective gloves and protective clothing when working with hot melts — and the gun must have a ground connection.

Hot melt glue guns require minimal training and experience to use as a pro. Our detailed Champ™ Stick manual provides all the necessary information for safety, operation, and maintenance.


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