Electronics Adhesives

Electronic Adhesives: A Closer Look

Updated: August 06, 2019
Take a look around your desk. If you’re like most of us, it’s covered with electronics — from your smartphone to your laptop to the remote control for your television. As the global demand for technology and electronics continues to increase, so too does the demand for the electronics adhesives that keep things running smoothly.

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The Unique Properties of Electronics Adhesives

Unlike other industries where an adhesive merely needs to adhere to one substrate to another, the electronics industry has unique needs. From adhesives that protect delicate motherboard wiring against vibration to electrically conductive glue that allows an electric circuit to complete, electronics adhesives are often used to provide much more than a strong bond. Both hot melt and cold glue adhesives are used in a variety of electronics applications. Common electronic adhesive applications include:

  • Potting: In this application, a predetermined amount of hot melt adhesive is applied to a particular component to hold component elements tightly in place without damaging important wiring or other fragile electronics modules. Because the components are essentially encapsulated in the adhesive, the potting process is able to provide protection against vibration, electronic interference, or shock and moisture.

Also known as overmolding, the potting process can also be used to splice together cables and wires — creating a strong bond without the need for separate connectors.

  • Masking: Tapes and resins are typically used for masking applications, where an electronic component is mounted to another surface. The masking adhesive affixes the component to the selected surface without interfering with the component’s function. Additionally, adhesives used in the masking process typically provide thermal protection and/or conductivity, and are appropriate for high-temperature environments.

The Applications for Electronic Adhesives You Need

If your upcoming electronics project requires industrial adhesive, contact Glue Machinery Corporation before you get started. Our Glue Diligence program can help you avoid much of the trial and error typically involved in choosing the appropriate electronics adhesive. From hot melt to cold glue and manual to automatic systems, we can help you determine the best equipment and consumables for your specific situation. Call 888-202-2468 or send us a message to let us help.

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