Champ™ 600 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun

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Product Info:

Industrial Hot Melt Handgun with 8 ounce melt tank in the gun, high output piston pump, "No Drip" check valve nozzle tip, and adjustable temperature control, locking tank lid, for use with low cost bulk hot melt adhesives.

Product Details:

  • Offers precise dots or beads
  • High flow piston pump trigger mechanism
  • Check Valve nozzle tip to minimize "stringing" and dripping
  • Processes bulk hot melt adhesive in chip or pillow form
  • "All Electric", no air required
  • 8 oz. adhesive melt reservoir in gun
  • 2 lb. per hour melt rate depending upon adhesive
  • Adjustable thermostatic temperature control: 68°F to 392°F (20°C to 200°C)
  • Multiple nozzle configurations available
  • Gun Weight: 3.25 pounds (without adhesive)
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC=4.16 amp/1ph/50-60Hz- 240VAC=2.08 amp/1ph/50-60Hz
  • Wire stand and magnetic stand gun base to bond to metal table
  • 120 or 240 VAC
  • Two nozzles included with each gun purchase as of 10-24-11
    ** All Champ Nozzles are replacement items and should be stocked

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

Champ™ 600 Nozzle List
Champ™ 600 Manual

Compatible With:

Hot Melt Adhesives in Bulk Chip form: Permanent, Removable, Packaging and others.
(Quality Bulk Adhesives available for use with Champ™ 600 from Glue Machinery Corporation)


Product Videos:

Champ™ 600 Product Demonstration

Champ™ 3 and Champ™ 600 Cutaway

Champ™ 600 Gluing a Carton

Champ™ 600 with 3 Hole Nozzle

Champ™ 600 with GIA1071 PSA Gluing Digipaks

Additional Information:

Melt-Fill Tank

Melt-Fill Tank

Supplemental Melter for Hot Melt Handguns with Reservoirs.


Champ™ Sump

Melter with pump for fast hot melt filling of the Champ™ 3, 5, and 10.

** Read Manual Before Operating Any Champ Adhesive Applicator**
Always Wear Protective Gloves, Sleeves and Safety Glasses When Operating Champ Adhesive Applicators
** Champ Adhesive Applicators And Adhesives Are Very Hot; Injury Could Result From Improper Use**