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Compatible With:

Wide range of PVA adhesives to 10,000 cps. Wide range of nozzles including dowel, finger, bead, glue spreader and more - available from Glue Machinery Corporation™.

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

PVA Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202-2468 ezGun™ Meter Mate Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202- 2468

ezGluer™ Meter Mate

Adjustable Single Shot System for the precise metered application of water based PVA adhesive.


Product Videos (Click to View)

Dowel Gluing1

Product Details:

  • ezGluer™ PVA 2.5 (2.5 Gallon) Pressure Vessel with Removable Liner.
  • ezGun™Meter Mate with Single Orifice Nozzle.
  • Volume / Shot Size Adjustment.
  • Stand and Hose Bracket.
Meter Mate will dramatically accelerate production, improve product quality, reduce rework and clean-up through accurate, repeatable adhesive shot size.


ezGluer™ Meter Mate

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