Industrial Water Based Adhesives

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GIA1090 Water Based Glue Adhesive

A water based resin adhesive exhibiting aggressive tack and deep adhesion on paper and paperboard. GIA1090 is formulated as a tube winding adhesive.


GIA1095 Water Based Glue Adhesive

Synthetic resin adhesive developed for flush door construction. It was designed to give strong, permanent bonds on typical door components such as Masonite, wood, MDF, corrugated cardboard, particle board, mineral-based fire insultation, etc.


GIA1084 Aqueous Water Based Adhesive

GIA1084 is a versatile water based adhesive exhibiting fast tack and good machining. GIA1084 exhibits some water resistance properties with submersion tests. An excellent adhesive for joint and glue laps and certain carton applications.


GIA1114 Water Based Adhesive

GIA1114 is a palletizing water based adhesive formulated to secure cases for pallet stabilization and exhibiting easy removability.


GIA1102 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

A resin based adhesive that dries into a pressure sensitive film. Will stick to many films and foils and has excellent machining properties.