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Compatible With:

Water Based adhesives

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ezGluer™ Rigid Roll Coater Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202-2468

ezGluer™ Rigid Roll Coater

PVA roll coating system for wood, foam, corrugated and other materials.


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Product Details:

The ezGluer™ Rigid Roll Coater allows for the fast, precise coating of wood substrates that are manually driven with consistent speed over the coated wheel system. Simply position the substrate on the dual frame roller bracket with guide, depress slightly and push/pull the wood at a consistent speed over the coating roller. Deperessing the wood will activate a microswitch and the glue valve will coat the grooved roller as it is being driven by the wood. This system is extremely easy to operate and maintain as the adhesive is enclosed in the pressure tank, fluid line and applicator. The coating roller with reservoir is easily removed and cleaned in the sink in two to five minutes time. The ezGluer™ Rigid Roll Coater includes the following:
  • 4.75" wide removable coating roller with reservoir.
  • Hose atttachment to roller reservoir for easy sink cleaning.
  • Dual side frame bracketry system with rail guide.
  • Microswitch on depressible guide roller.
  • Adjustable flow valve.
  • 1.5 Gallon Pressure Vessel with liner and adjustable flow control.
  • 5' Fluid Line.
  • Complete Stand.


ezGluer™ Rigid Roll Coater

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