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Triangular Mailing Tube Production Equipment2
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Triangular Mailing Tube Production Equipment

Hot Melt Systems to produce triangular mailing tubes from scored blanks.


Product Details:

  • Complete "Turn-key" bench top hot melt extrusion systems.
  • Easily produce 2-3 tubes per minute
  • Produce tubes as needed - conserving space
  • Dramatically cut costs
  • Adhesive system is simple to install and operate
Benefits For companies that do a lot of shipping, using the Shot Pot Timer 2 adhesive system for tube mailers is a no-brainer. With our glue machine for mailers, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:
  • Reduced cost of mailing tubes
  • Save storage space by no longer needing to allocate large amounts of space for circular tubes
  • Assemble triangular mailing tubes on an as-needed basis
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Easy-to-use adhesive machinery
  • Safe operation
  • Reduced adhesive waste
  • Minimal maintenance required
Quality Adhesive Systems Built to Last When it comes to quality, no other adhesive machine can match the performance of a Glue Machinery Corporation machine. The Shot Pot Timer 2 is meticulously manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility to the highest quality standards. Our facility has expertly staffed assembly areas, inspection stations, Glue Diligence testing lab, parts & service center and more. Every adhesive machine we manufacture is built to withstand the most grueling operating conditions while delivering consistent, precise results. We stand behind all of our adhesive machines, and we promise you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. When quality matters most, trust Glue Machinery Corporation. 50+ Years of Proven Experience Glue Machinery Corporation has been the trusted supplier of adhesive machines and products for more than 50 years. Today, our systems are used by some of the world’s top manufacturers, including Toyota, Coca-Cola, 3M, NASA, Sherwin-Williams and numerous others from virtually every industry. We have the capability to accommodate manufacturers of all sizes, delivering custom solutions to every customer’s adhesive needs. Glue Diligence: Custom Solutions for Your Tube Mailer Adhesive Applications No two manufacturers are the same. That’s why Glue Machinery Corporation offers customization options to set you up with the best possible adhesive system for your unique needs. Glue Diligence is a technical service we offer where we will closely analyze your needs, test different adhesive solutions and offer recommendations for the ideal application method and gluing machine for your mailers. It’s the easiest way to ensure you get the right adhesive machine for your shipping needs. Request More Information Glue Machinery Corporation has all of your adhesive needs covered. Ready to learn more about our Shot Pot Timer 2 triangular tube mailer adhesive system? Call us today at 1-888-202-2468 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable team member.


Triangular Mailing Tube Production Equipment

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