What’s the Difference Between Industrial Cold Glue Guns and Industrial Hot Melt Glue Guns?

The Glue Machinery Corporation is your one-stop shop for industrial cold glue guns and industrial hot melt glue guns. While the difference between a cold glue gun and a hot melt glue gun may seem glaringly obvious, it’s a question that often appears in search engines. Glue Machinery Corporation carries a wide selection of industrial glue guns built with high-quality materials that can withstand grueling manufacturing conditions. No matter what your company needs when it comes to product packaging and manufacturing, we’ve got you covered. 

The Temperature Makes a Difference

Hot melt glue guns are handheld and disperse hot melt adhesives at a high temperature. Typically, cold glue guns use a lower temperature to distribute industrial glue evenly. That’s why the difference lies in the temperature when it comes to glue guns! For companies choosing between hot or cold glue dispensing for product packaging, they’ll often consider the temperature they’ll need based upon the materials they’ll be using. For sensitive materials, cold glue dispensing is more commonly implemented. For materials that can withstand high temperatures, hot melt will ultimately achieve the bonding results they need.

Cold Glue Guns Work Best With Sensitive Materials

You’ll often find that each glue gun performs best when paired with particular materials. For example, industrial hot melt tends to be a permanent adhesive that’s best suited for hardy materials. Cold glue applications tend to be best paired with sensitive materials like ribbon, styrofoam, or foil for temporary applications. If you were to use a hot melt with a sensitive material, there’s a good chance that your material would break or become unusable. In these instances, it’s best to use a cold glue gun. 

Industrial Hot Melt Glue Guns Are Commonly Used in Manufacturing and Product Packaging

Hot melt is commonly used in manufacturing and product packaging for companies that need a precise hand application. Hot melt adhesives can be used to form strong bonds on a variety of surfaces and materials that require a permanent adhesive. Hot melt adhesives are even used in electronics, woodworking, and shipping/packing industries! That’s why hot melt glue guns are incredibly popular with numerous industries that want to ensure a precise, lasting bond. The Glue Machinery Corporation carries over 20 industrial-strength hot melt glue guns for various product packaging and manufacturing applications. Not sure which product is right for your company? We can do our Glue Diligence to discover what will best suit your company’s needs!

Make the Switch to the Glue Machinery Corporation for Your Industrial Hot Melt Glue Guns and Cold Glue Guns 

The Glue Machinery Corporation is dedicated to supplying the highest quality industrial hot melt and cold glue guns with assorted parts available. At the Glue Machinery, our replacement parts even come in at 20% to 30% more of an affordable price point when directly compared to Nordson’s. There’s a reason that Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and other big-name brands trust us for their manufacturing needs. Come find out why! Contact us today.


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