Hot Melt Adhesives and Electronics

From the server that keeps your business website up and running to the smartphone that keeps you connected when you’re on the go to the handheld gaming device that keeps the kids entertained, electronics are a huge part of our everyday lives. And adhesives play a big role in helping ensure that the electronics we count on every day are long-lasting and ready to stand up to real-world demands we place on them.

Adhesives for Circuit Boards Must Do More Than Just Bond

In many industries — such as labeling and packaging — the job of an adhesive is to simply bond one material to another. But the electronics industry counts on adhesives to do much more than provide a strong seal between two substrates.

For example, one common consideration in the world of electronics adhesives is choosing an adhesive that can stand up to vibration. When affixing extremely delicate wiring to a motherboard or in other fragile circuit board situations, we would recommend using a hot glue adhesive to hold the component tightly in place without jeopardizing the overall quality or health of the electronics themselves — a process also known as potting or overmolding.

After using a hot melt adhesive to hold the electronic component in place, many electronics manufacturers opt to follow up with a neutral cure silicon rubber to create a long-term bond. While the hot melt glue creates a great short-term solution for holding the component in place and resisting vibration for month or years, silicon rubber provides a bond intended to last decades when applied correctly.

Tools for Applying Adhesives Used in Electronics

Unlike other industries where manually applying adhesives with glue bottles or glue sticks may be an option, the electronics industry requires more automated solutions for more consistent application. Commonly used industrial glue machines for electronics, including hot glue guns, can help make quick work of the process. Additionally, professional-quality glue guns offer a precise application with fewer drips and strings that can easily damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Which Adhesives Do Your Electronics Application Require?

Deciding on the right adhesive for your electronics project doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Glue Machinery Corporation’s Glue Diligence program can help you determine the electronics adhesive that will work best for your specific electronics application. Whether you need a fully automatic solution or simply want to determine if there is a better hot melt glue for your needs, our glue experts can help you find the best consumables and equipment. Call us now at 888-202-2468 to find out more.


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