CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive1
CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt AdhesiveHalf Model Anatomy of 310mL PUR Cartridge2
CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt AdhesiveHalf Model Anatomy of 310mL PUR Cartridge3
CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive4
CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive5
CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive6

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CFA1012 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive

CFA1012 is a moisture-curing polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive. It is designed for bonding to various substrates including fabric, some plastics and metals. It is a 100% solids adhesive that eliminates VOCs. Because CFA1012 is fast setting, the need for pins and staples and the follow-up steps of sanding and puttying is reduced. The product is formulated with a UV indicator to allow easier visibility under black lights.


Product Details:

Chemical family description: Polyurethane adhesive Appearance: white solid Typical viscosity (cps): 6500-13000 cps (S28/10/248ºF) Weight solids (%): 100% Specific gravity: 1.16 Weight pounds per gallon: 9.68 Open Time: 3-3.5 minutes Set Time: 4-4.5 minutes     Available in Pails and Drums


CFA1012 PUR – Hot Melt Adhesive

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