CFA1014 PUR - Hot Melt Adhesive

Product Info:

A moisture curable polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive designed for wood-to-wood applications. Eliminates the need for staples, screws, and other mechanical fasteners as well as the follow up steps of puttying and sanding. Ideal for wood assembly applications, where longer open time is desired, as well as for bonding deocrative moldings. This product exhibits thermal stability and resistance to solvents and finishes.
A UV indicator is standard.

Product Details:

  • Open Time: 3 minutes.
  • Speed of Set: 45-75 seconds
  • Viscosity: 9500 - 13,000 cps
  • Application Temperature: 250ºF ± 25ºF
  • Shelf Life: One Year

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

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Compatible With:

PUR Bead Gun, PUR Spray Gun, Cartridge Preheater