310 ml Cartridge: 9" Long, 1.845 Diameter, Thread M15x1.5
Now Available: Adjustable Preheater

Product Manuals / Related PDFs:

Hot Melt Cartridge Preheater Product Manual is available from Glue Machinery Corporation - 1-888-202-2468

Hot Melt Cartridge Preheater

Dual cartridge capacity for preheating PUR adhesive cartridges.

Product Details:

Avoid time loss due to preheating of glue cartridges. System premelts up to two 310 ml cartridges of PUR to 257ºF (125ºC) in approximately 15 minutes. For use in applications requiring continuous gluing or high volume applications where the PUR Bead or Spray Guns are used. Hot Melt Cartridge Preheat Power Requirements: 120VAC= 4.16 amp/1ph/50-60Hz. Now Available: Adjustable Preheater


Hot Melt Cartridge Preheater

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