Bulk Permanent Hot Melt Adhesives

When the world’s top manufacturers need quality bulk hot melt adhesives at great prices, they turn to Glue Machinery Corporation. For more than 50 years, we’ve been meeting the hot melt needs of clients of all sizes across a range of industries. Our extensive selection of hot melts includes adhesives for just about every type of application. Whether you’re looking for a fast-setting adhesive, an adhesive that works on difficult-to-bond surfaces, or something else, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Browse our full line of bulk hot melt adhesives below:

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CJA5015 Permanent Grade Polyolefin Packaging Hot Melt

Premium Extended Pot Life Hot Melt “50 Hour Energy” for bonding purpose in the packaging industry. Applications inclu... View Product

GIA1041 Permanent EVA

A general purpose hot melt adhesive exhibiting a light color with an excellent balance of hot tack, speed and heat re... View Product

GIA1042 Permanent EVA

General purpose hot melt adhesive with medium to slow set speed for difficult to bond surfaces. View Product

GIA1051 Permanent EVA

A hot melt adhesive that exhibits excellent hot tack with an extended open time. This product was designed to adhere ... View Product

CJA1062 Permanent EVA

Clear hot melt with long open time for assembly of many substrates including foam, wood, metal, polyester, PVC, paper... View Product

GIA1048 Permanent EVA

Versatile packaging hot melt exhibiting high hot tack and excellent adhesion to many difficult to adhere surfaces. Bo... View Product

GIA1148 Fast Setting hot Melt

GIA1148 is a light colored hot melt adhesive formulated for general assembly to a variety of foam and paper substrate... View Product


Hot melt adhesive that exhibits excellent tack with an extended open time. GIA1060 was formulated to adhere to a v... View Product


Specially formulated cap liner adhesive View Product

GIA1094 Permanent APAO Polyolefin

Light colored hot melt adhesive formulated to bond to a variety of substrates. Exhibits low odor and excellent heat s... View Product

GIA1056 Low Temp Packaging Hot Melt

Formulated to be used in case and carton sealing and operations involving corrugated or fiber board. View Product

Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives for Every Application

Over our 50+ years in business, we’ve learned that no two manufacturing applications are alike. That’s why we offer a wide selection of hot melt adhesives for numerous applications. Our product line contains high-quality hot melt products with a range of features and unique properties. All of our adhesives are guaranteed to meet your strictest performance expectations, and we proudly stand behind our products.

The Most Trusted Name in the Adhesives Industry

Manufacturers around the world depend on Glue Machinery Corporation for the finest quality industrial hot melts. Since our founding more than 50 years ago, we've worked with manufacturers, both small and large, from a wide range of industries. 

With clients that include 3M, NASA, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Sherwin-Williams, and so many others, we're among the most trusted names in the adhesives industry. Our experience, expertise, and service set us apart and serve our customers as best as possible. Get started with our free Glue Diligence program, which will help you find the right industrial hot melt adhesive in four easy steps.

Glue Diligence: Personalized Adhesive Solutions

With so many different hot melt glue products to choose from, we know it can be hard to find the right adhesive for your particular process. That’s why we offer our one-of-a-kind Glue Diligence service. Glue Diligence is a technical service we provide where our experts analyze your adhesive needs, perform extensive tests, and provide custom recommendations for adhesive products and application methods for your specific manufacturing application. It’s the easiest, most reliable way to ensure you get the right bulk hot melt adhesives every time.

Ready to Get Started?

Have a question about one of our products? Need help finding the right bulk hot melt glue for your specific application? We’re here to help with all your adhesive needs. Please call us today at 1-888-202-2468. Alternatively, our team would be happy to work with you on identifying the right hot melt via our free Glue Diligence program.

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