Cold Glue Pattern Controllers and Detectors

Glue Machinery Corporation offers a complete line of cold glue pattern controllers to accommodate all types of applications. User-friendly interfaces allow you to easily create individual adhesive patterns tailored to your specific production process. The result is easier operation, faster production, fewer errors, and more accurate, repeatable results. It’s the easiest way to optimize the adhesive application process while also reducing adhesive consumption and waste.


Browse our complete line of glue pattern controllers and detectors below:


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Glue Timer-9 Basic

Pattern controller for hot melt or cold glue adhesive systems.


Two-Channel Programmable Glue Pattern Controller

Two-channel programmable glue pattern controller timer to apply hot melt or cold glue patterns automatically with speed, accuracy and long term repeatability.


Variable Speed Pattern Controller

Pattern controller adjusts automatically cycled adhesive patterns to line speed changes.