Bituminous Asphalt Melters and Applicators

For many years – bituminous asphalic adhesives have been used for the attachment road pavement markers or RPM’s. This adhesive product offers strong bonds and is relatively low cost. It is melted to around 350 F and applied in many cases through handguns supplied from flexible heated hoses and melt tanks.

Much of the technology to melt and apply this adhesive product is very simple and low cost with propane heated melters being most basic. One approach to applying this adhesive is to use hot melt systems that have, for years, been used in other industries. This industrial equipment is typically used to process thermoplastics used in packaging and product assembly.

While being more expensive than the kettle type melters – this techniques offers far less degradation of the bituminous asphalt during the attachment of RPM’s. The tanks are typically small with a much more efficient electrically heated melt grid. These units offer high volume gear and piston pumps for instantaneous output. This equipment will require a generator but it eliminates the need for flammable propane tanks on your trailer.


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